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Music Venue Trust is still a young organisation but we believe that we have achieved a lot, with the support of the members of the Music Venues Alliance, since forming in 2014.

Highlights include:

Venues Day 2017

Venues Day 2017 was at Ministry of Sound, London, 17th October 2017, 9:30am – 6:00pm

Venues Day 2016

Venues Day 2016 was at The Roundhouse, London, 18th October 2016, 9:30am – 6:00pm


FIGHTBACK was at The Roundhouse, London, 18th October 2016, 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Including GMVs in reports on UK Music

Ensuring that UK Music’s research into the economic contribution of the music industry to the UK economy included data from GMVs for the first time, published in Wish You Were Here 2016.

MVT on Tour

Holding 3 Regional Meetings across England and a Welsh Venues Meeting to discuss issues of importance with more focused groups of venues and develop the programme for Venues Day 2016.

Negotiation with PRS for Music

Negotiating with PRS for Music, representing the interests of GMVs across the UK following the Tariff LP review.

Changing UK Law to benefit GMVs

Achieving a change to UK law to protect GMVs: from 6 April 2016, local planning authorities have to consider noise impacts on new residents from existing businesses under an amended permitted development right (i.e. you cannot build near a music venue without mitigating the potential noise within your own plans).

Establishing TAMVA

Establishing TAMVA, the Trade Association of the Music Venues Alliance, which offers preferential and exclusive deals for members for an annual membership fee.

Venues Day 2015

Delivering Venues Day 2015 at Ministry of Sound on 20 October 2015. Over 150 venues were represented among the 350 delegates; guest speakers included MPs, key figures from the music industry and Steve Lamacq from BBC Radio 6 Music. A series of panels and workshops on the themes of Business Up/Costs Down offered practical solutions for venues to strengthen their business.

Campaigning for the benefit of UK Grassroots Music Venues

An ongoing series of meetings with DCMS, MPs and Lords, music industry associations, legal and financial bodies to seek improvements for GMVs.

Consultation – City of Edinburgh Council

Consulting for City of Edinburgh Council to try and improve relations between it and the city’s music community, resulting in a report (MVT Edinburgh Report) issued 20 October 2015 which calls for direct action by Edinburgh City Council to protect and secure its live music venues.

Conferences & Reports

Speaking at international conferences to present the situation for venues in the UK and participating in international research reports such as Music Canada’s The Mastering of a Music City.

Defining Grassroots Music Venues

Creating a definition of what constitutes a Grassroots Music Venue (GMV), internationally accepted as the most robust definition of such venues to date.

Mayor of London’s Venues Taskforce

Leading the Mayor of London’s Venues Taskforce to halt the decline of music venues in the capital and delivering the report (London’s Grassroots Music Venues Rescue Plan) issued on 19 October 2015 which calls for changes to licensing, planning, regulation and business terms which will all benefit London venues and act as an example to the rest of the UK.

Grassroots Investor Programme

Instigating a Grassroots Investor Programme to raise money to work on behalf of the network of small venues across the UK.

‘Agent of Change’ petition

A petition, fronted by Frank Turner, to call for the adoption of Agent of Change, has been signed by over 31K people and the concept is now being widely discussed at various levels of government across the UK.

Understanding Small Music Venues report 2015

Conducting extensive research into UK Grassroots Music Venues, culminating in the Understanding Small Music Venues report, launched in Parliament in March 2015.

Venues Day 2014

Successfully delivering the first ever networking event for small venues, Venues Day 2014 at Southbank Centre, London on 9 December 2014. This event brought together representatives from over 120 venues across the UK and led to the formation of the Music Venues Alliance.

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