In partnership with The Mayor of London and Ticketmaster, MVT commissioned writer David Pollock and photographer Jannica Honey to bring together 2 fully illustrated manuals designed by Charlotte Simonsen: How to Open a Grassroots Music Venue and How to Run a Grassroots Music Venue. These books are available below as downloadable PDFs and from the Mayor of London’s website.

Each book contains 15 chapters of information, gathered from the experience of our venues network and the past 5 years of MVT’s work. Areas covered include vital topics such as licensing, company structure, what facilities need to be provided and ideas for diversifying what they offer. This guidance is supported by interviews with some of the people who run the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues, to bring the text further to life and share stories of successes as well as some cautionary tales. A comprehensive Guidance section at the back of the books is complemented by cross-referencing with online resources on the MVT website to complete the package. These online resources will be regularly updated to keep the manuals relevant.