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Music Venues Alliance is a free-to-join, informal association of Grassroots Music Venues and other organisations/individuals who are passionate about this part of the music industry and have pledged their support to the work of the Music Venue Trust.

It was formed in January 2015 following the consensus at the first Venues Day that Grassroots Music Venues desperately needed a representative body.


For Music Venue Trust, having a list of supporters who mandate our work and with whom we consult, has given us a much more powerful voice with government, cultural bodies, the music industry and potential sponsors.

Being able to say that we represent around 250 venues across the whole of the UK gives us a seat at the table to discuss the needs of the sector.

We aim to continue to build MVA membership to ensure that we represent the widest cross-section of grassroots music venues possible.

Updates and Feedback

For venues, being part of the MVA means that you are updated on MVT’s work and are invited to give feedback on ideas. Some of the sorts of things we all share are:


Details of any advances we make with lobbying such as the recent change in planning law protecting existing venues from nearby building development


Info about anything forthcoming networking events/meetings


Opportunities to be involved in national or regional initiatives


We also request feedback to help us build our case for lobbying and seeking better deals for venues, eg.:


To give a collective response on the PRS Tariff LP review


To input into national work about the economic value of the music industry (Prior to the formation of MVT all data was gathered from venues and festivals of 1500 capacity and above)

Better Deals

Trying to improve sector-specific products such as insurance


Some MVA members are very actively engaged in our work, others just prefer to receive and read emails.

Facebook Group

Once you have joined MVA, we have a closed group on Facebook for members to discuss issues peer-to-peer.

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