Any future environmental noise regulation must safeguard the
cultural rights to live music and artistic freedom.

Music Venue Trust has been working with our partners across Europe with Live DMA to to collect and share recommendations aimed at local authorities on drafting good live music policy, and at live music venues and clubs on enhancing the quality of the audience experience in relation to sound. The White Paper is now available.

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In a landmark decision for Agent of Change, The Star Inn, Guildford has successfully quashed it’s Noise Abatement Notice. The Judge’s decision in the case makes it explicit that Agent of Change should be applied to development and that failure to do so should not result in Grassroots Music Venues being penalised.

The Judge’s reasoning:

  1. The Star was said to have only been a nuisance because of flats 1-4 Mill Lane existing
  2. It wasn’t a nuisance before the conversion of the office building into flats
  3. The venue has a useful or reasonable use
  4. Matters in the venue are carried out in a lawful way
  5. The venue is no greater nuisance now than when the building was first converted


Therefore, the Judge concluded, noise from the Star Inn is not a nuisance. The noise abatement notice is quashed.

This is a legal precedent that will be relevant to any other such case. MVT would like to thank and congratulate the team at The Star and their Landlords at Shepherd Neame for taking this important issue all the way through the courts.

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