It’s Time: Britain Deserves a World Class Grassroots Music Venue Circuit

Music Venue Trust responds to HM Government Industrial Review Green Paper and Creative Sector Review with a Five-Year Strategic Plan to build a World-Class Grassroots Music Venue Circuit in the UK.

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Five Year Strategic Plan

Music Venue Trust is today announcing a five-year strategic plan to protect, secure and improve the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues. We want to work with HM Government, the Cultural Sector and the Music Industry to build a world-class Grassroots Touring Circuit that ensures that high-quality live music experiences are available right across the UK.


We have consulted across the sector to identify how we can make a real difference to artists and audiences.


We have worked with dozens of partners, from leading manufacturers to environmental agencies, to lay out a clear vision for the future of Grassroots Music Venues that is decisive, aspirational and achievable.

Partners & Finance

We have already signed up partners that are committed to our plans, identifying over £3.5million in financial commitments in the next five years to help us achieve our vision.

Legislation & Investment

We have looked at how current government legislation, policy and guidance isn’t doing enough to support Grassroots Music Venues, and we’ve looked at other sectors to see how they have brought in investment to help and support their growth and development.


Our three-part plan includes:

Sound + Vision

A fully developed and budgeted £8.35million investment programme to transform 101 Grassroots Music Venues in the UK by 2023, creating exceptional venues that feature cutting edge sound & lighting, are fully accessible to all, with modern stage and backstage facilities. Sound + Vision is underpinned by a comprehensive approach to reducing costs and environmental impact, making venues more economically sustainable.

Cultural & Heritage Investment Tax Relief

Creation of a new tax relief to unlock investment that can protect, secure and improve Grassroots Music Venues. By encouraging new investment, we can support GMVs to grow their businesses and remove the freehold ownership of the buildings they operate in from the commercial marketplace.

Comprehensive Regulatory Review

A call to government and the music industry to undertake a full review of regulation, policy and guidance. We need to cut red tape and reduce the financial impact on Grassroots Music Venues so that sensible new investment is able to have significant impact. The review should include Business Rate valuations, the impact of VAT on ticketing, and modernisation of the collection and administration of royalties.

Industrial Strategy

In January 2017, HM Government announced that they wanted to build an industrial strategy that addresses long-term challenges to the UK economy. The aim of the new Industrial Strategy is to improve living standards and economic growth by increasing productivity and driving growth across the whole country.

Greg Clark MP & Sir Peter Bazalgette

Greg Clark MP

Business & Energy Secretary

Greg Clark MP has promised the creative industries would be “absolutely foundational” to the industrial strategy.

Sir Peter Bazalgette

Head of the Creative Sector Review

Sir Peter Bazalgette is chairing an independent review of the creative industries that will lead to an official ‘sector deal’ between the Government and the creative industries.


Formal Response

Today we are responding formally to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper and the Creative Sector Review. You can download our response in full here.

We will be delivering that response directly to Greg and to Sir Peter, and to other organisations taking part in the review. We know that other creative industries will be making their case. But we believe this is the moment for decisive action by government, and that our Grassroots Music Venues are not just a special case within the Creative Sector Review; they are the biggest opportunity for the Industrial Strategy to really address the needs of the creative industries in every corner of the UK.


A Centre of Excellence

A Grassroots Music Venue near you can be a Centre of Excellence.

For too long in the UK, we have taken our Grassroots Music Venues for granted. We have let too many of them close. We have allowed our whole Grassroots Touring Circuit to fall behind, while our international partners have invested heavily in theirs, creating modern spaces that are exceptional experiences for touring artists and the audiences who want to see them.

Our Grassroots Music Venues have attracted almost no investment from sources of cultural sector support; less than 3% of them have received any grants or funding, less than 1% have received any capital funding.


Change For The Better: 3 Achievable Steps

The Industrial Strategy Green Paper and the Creative Sector Review is a chance for Government, the cultural sector and the music industry to join us in making a dramatic change.

We’ve laid out a clear plan of 3 Achievable Steps:

Sound + Vision

Sound + Vision is budget neutral; it can be achieved by adjusting the current distribution of cultural funding by just 0.15% across five years. 

The Cultural & Heritage Investment Tax Relief

The Cultural & Heritage Investment Tax Relief can unlock millions of pounds of investment to permanently secure the future of this sector.

A Complete Regulatory Review

A Complete Regulatory Review can remove excessive licensing, poor guidance, unnecessary and unhelpful taxation, and outdated and ineffective collection and administration of the rights of artists and writers.

Three achievable steps to a world-class touring circuit.

It’s Time.

Britain Deserves a Grassroots Music Venue Circuit fit for the Artists and Audience of the 21st Century.

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    Fantastic news, can’t wait to get involved in whatever needs to be done to make this happen

  2. Jonathan Lindley June 9, 2017 at 10:16 am

    How can we help, I opened a new music venue last year in Darwen, and want to encourage more people to do the same.
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