Music Industry Rallies Around Pipeline Investment Fund

Key organisations from across the music business have pledged to tackle the crisis facing Grassroots Music Venues in the UK. The signatures to a Statement of Intent for a Pipeline Development Fund include the Musicians Union, UK Live Music, Concert Promoters Association, National Arena Association, Entertainment Agents Association, Music Managers Forum and Music Industries Association.

A total of 13 organisations, representing thousands of individuals and organisations, have signed the Statement of Intent which was launched by Music Venue Trust at Venues Day in October 2018.

Beverley Whitrick, MVT

Beverley Whitrick
“We asked the UK music industry to sign up to the concept that we need to take collective financial action on the challenges facing Grassroots Venues, we are delighted with the response from the industry and the willingness to find positive, constructive solutions so that we can properly protect the Grassroots Music Venues Pipeline from which, ultimately, everyone benefits.”


The current aims of the Pipeline Investment Fund include funding infrastructure, sound and lights in Grassroots Venues; placing venues into protected ownership by acquiring freeholds; creating training and apprenticeship schemes; and offering centralised legal, planning and licensing advice. With the Statement of Intent now signed, the signatories will begin working together in early 2019 to identify funding solutions.


Greg Parmley, UK Live Music/ILMC

Greg Parmley
“With 35% of the UK’s Grassroots Venues having closed over the last 10 years, it’s time for the industry to act, we need structured and planned investment to secure these vital spaces against development, rent rises, poor infrastructure and failing facilities.”


Andrew Parsons, Ticketmaster

Andrew Parsons
“Grassroots Music Venues are an essential part of the live music scene. We have been working with Music Venue Trust for over four years to ensure that these iconic buildings can continue to showcase the next generation of talent. We welcome the Pipeline Investment Fund initiative to look at ways that our industry can secure the legacy of these venues for many years to come.”


John Langford, AEG Europe

John Langford
“AEG is committed to working with our partners in the live music industry to find a solution to the critical challenges faced by Grassroots Music Venues. The Pipeline Investment Fund is an opportunity to deliver real, practical and urgent action right across the music industry.”


Annabella Coldrick, MMF

Annabella Coldrick
“Small venues are crucial to talent development and building committed fans, so we look forward to transforming this concept into a clear, effective and deliverable plan.”


Horace Trubridge, Musicians’ Union

Horace Trubridge
“It’s reassuring to see such great efforts being made to provide organised assistance to venues.”


Suzanne Bull, Attitude is Everything

Suzanne Bull
“Attitude is Everything strongly supports the creation of a Pipeline Investment Fund to support the UK’s vital grassroots touring network. With the right support, local Grassroots Venues have the potential be some of the most readily accessible sources of live music for disabled audiences. Added capacity for venues to invest in physical infrastructure would have a massive impact alongside our existing schemes to improve online and policy-based accessibility in partnership with venues. The prospect of a new grant scheme for emerging artist touring and new training opportunities is also very exciting – we know first-hand the impact these schemes could have, including on disabled artists and venue staff eager to welcome all audiences.”


Signatories to the Statement of Intent include:

The Statement of Intent can be read here.