Major PRS for Music Breakthrough!

We are delighted to announce a brand new service from PRS for Music which enables simple reporting of gigs and set lists by PRS members with a one stop online portal.

Submitting set lists for the artists performing at a Grassroots Music Venue is one of the demands placed on venues by the terms of The Music Licence. It can be a significant burden of administration for venues, adding to an already busy schedule. Very frequently, the venue simply does not have the correct information, which results in writers that really need their performance fees the most potentially missing out. If the venue fails to report the information, the venue pays an additional fee for usage; 4.2% instead of 4%.

PRS for Music have been working with Music Venue Trust to develop a platform that encourages performers who play at GMVs to submit their own set lists, ensuring the correct writer gets paid the correct royalties, and the venue pays the correct fee for The Music Licence. This platform is now live. Crucially, it removes the need for the venue to deliver this information when it is supplied by the artist.


When an artist submits a set list, your venue will be able to subscribe to receive a simple email notification from PRS for Music that the information has been registered. When you receive that confirmation, your obligations under the terms of the Music Licence are fulfilled and there’s nothing more for your venue to do to comply with set list demands. If you provide ticket sales information, the correct Tariff then applies to the show. Your venue wins, with less to do and an accurate and lower Tariff, and the writer wins, because they will get paid.

As part of the initiative, which will run for six months from October, Music Venue Trust and PRS are asking venues to encourage performers to submit their own set lists. Each venue in our network will receive posters for your venue and literature about the scheme by post. We are asking all Music Venues Alliance members to support artists and writers to adopt this scheme and remove the burden of reporting. Please place these posters and information in dressing rooms and other places where the performers can see them and engage with the scheme.

When the outcome of the review of Tariff LP was announced in 2018, PRS for Music and Music Venue Trust are committed to working together so that no Grassroots Music Venue would be left with the sole burden of compliance with the reporting required by the Music Licence. Artists reporting set lists will significantly decrease that burden, while increasing the accuracy of who gets paid.

This new scheme is significant progress in the relationship between PRS for Music and Grassroots Music Venues. We all feel there is a lot more to do, but we should acknowledge progress and act to support it. At the very beginning of the Music Venues Alliance venue owners and operators told us two things they hated about the terms of PRS Licensing;

    Minimum fee (eliminated July 2018)
    The burden of reporting.

If together we can make this scheme work, we hope to be able to say that this was the date on which that reporting burden began to be lifted. Please support the posters and information so that happens.


PRS for Music will be attending Venues Day and providing one-to-one sessions you can book to learn more about the Setlist Report Receive Repeat programme. You can also use that opportunity to discuss any other challenges you have with your Music Licence, and we strongly encourage you to do so. Invitations to book these appointments will be sent to Delegates in your information packs.