Skimmity Hitchers

I play in the West Country band Skimmity Hitchers and have been following the progress of your campaign with interest and support.

We have worked very hard to break through the negative culture that often goes hand in hand with live music – lack of venues, unwillingness to pay, pay to play, etc – and we are now doing relatively well for a part-time band in the area we work. We would be happy to put something back, join the fight and represent the West Country in your campaign to reinvigorate the live music scene. Please consider us available for the 18th October gig should you need band with a sense of humour, a wicked line in satire and audience interaction, and a strong moral compass. We’ll even bring our own microphones if you are still short come the night 🙂

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Smiley & The Underclass

In the past two years we have lost at least 3 of our regular venues: Passing Clouds, the 12 Bar Club and Silver Bullet, not to mention the pubs, clubs and the other strange spaces that exist inbetween. People have the right to a better standard of life in terms of pollution, safety and opportunit but there must be a way to do this without ripping apart the very soul of our city. Smiley & The Underclass came together to make music expressing the fury and passion that we all feel when we see these injustices take place, and it is those same feelings that have brought FIGHTBACK into being. The creative communities of our city must unite, from punk squatters to opera singers, and create a positive pressure to save our beautiful venues, our cultural heritage and our spaces of hope, love and commonality. This is the FIGHTBACK Sound.

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Steve Morano

The UK & IRELAND are one of the most creative islands on the planet and world leaders in creating original music.

Why are grass root music venues important to us?
Smaller grass root venues are so important for today’s Music Industry. New talent needs to be nurtured and encouraged to grow. Acts need to work their apprenticeship at this level the old school way before reaching the bigger stages. There is simply no other way to achieve this. I mean…no one would ask a plumber to fix a leaking pipe the first week on the job would they?

Without CBGBs in New York there would’ve been no Ramones or Blonde. Without the small clubs in Hamburg & Liverpool’s Cavern club there would’ve been no Beatles. 100 club the sex pistols, the list goes on…..Where would these acts be without them?

Tourists visit London to experience it’s history, architecture, art and culture. I believe London to be the best city in the world because of this. It amazes me. It really amazes me that this is even happening.

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Temples Of Youth

I hope you are well. Are there still band slots available for the event? We would love to play if so. Without the support of small independent venues we wouldn’t have had the chance to play as many shows as we have. We would not ask for a fee for this – we’d just be happy to play a set and support the cause.

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The Azure

We are a new, young and exciting rock duo from the South of England with influences ranging from Turbowolf to Joy Division. We want to make loud, fun rock music and give audiences something they will remember. We feel extremely strongly about this event as it aims to give bands that are smaller a chance to perform in a good venue and to get our names out there. As a band starting out, it is nearly impossible to get good gigs and so for us, it’s refreshing to find something on such a large scale that will give us and bands alike this opportunity.

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The Black Tubes

The Black Tubes are just as much about the onstage performance as we are about the songs we sing. We both thrive and survive as a band performing at small local venues and getting intimate with the supporters of the local scene. For us FIGHTBACK isn’t just about saving our venues, it’s about supporting the values these venues helped instil in our local scene, genre and industry,

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The Contravenes

We are a four piece Indie Rock outfit hailing from Leeds, West Yorkshire. We play fast tempo, high energetic music with well crafted lyrics and stage presence.

After recent comments made by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr regarding the deterioration of many live music venues we saw the Music Venue Trust respond and couldn’t agreed more with the notion of this cause and raising funds for young bands such as ourselves who just want to play music where ever and when ever we can. Having been lucky enough to play some of the biggest and best venues in our home town we believe the beauty of being in a band is to have bucket list of places and venues we’ve played. However we have found this isn’t as asseciable as it seems and like many other young bands need a vehicle to make this happen.

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The Days We Don’t

Having been a band that’s relied heavily on indie venues in the past, and has appreciated the opportunities they offer as well as the people who make them so fantastic, the idea that indie venues are a dying breed is genuinely gutting. We wouldn’t have been able to have the opportunities we’ve had, played the brilliant gigs, or been able to branch abroad without the help of indie venues. Our past, present, and future relies on their success at helping bands make an impact. Independent venues are unique and a brilliant social and cultural addition to every town you find one in. I’ve seen bands from Royal Blood to Slaves, and played on the same stage as them, and no other type venue can do that. They’re a place you have to go to, and a place you always want to play.

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The Escapades

We feel strongly about this campaign because we have witnessed top quality music venues closing around us first hand! (which I’m sure most bands have) such as The Cockpit in Leeds which used to be one of the main places to see top quality bands such as Kasabian, Kaiserchiefs and Clean Bandit to name a few. So naturally we would jump at the chance for us to help prevent this from happening anywhere else in the country. I once heard a woman say “charity starts at home” given that we are in the music industry, music venues are our home. We are an energetic Rock n Roll band that brings a Live performance

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  1. We Khan Work it Out Generator November 3, 2016 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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