The Kondoors

I represent an artist ‘The Kondoors’ and wondered if you’d be interested in booking them for FIGHTBACK at The Roundhouse following their sellout show at Servant Jazz Quarters last week and ahead of the release of their debut EP out this Christmas.

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The Mojo Filters

Our quest to create origional music and to play to people has become near inpossible. We thank the team for putting FIGHTBACK on because it restores our faith that there are still people out there that want live honest music. Formed in April 2016, we came together to create rock n roll music. Fed up of music not speaking to us we have taken it upon ourselves to change the scene. The Mojo Filters aim to bring groove back to rock n roll, honest lyrics and energy. Our heros are of the past but we want to be heroes of the future.

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The Pink Diamond Revue

THE PINK DIAMOND REVUE are a live band fronted by ACID DOL a model from another dimension, combining beats from today with riffs, samples and vocal harmonies from 50’s and 60’s

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The Recoupes

The Recoupes – we are an indie rock band from London/Essex taking inspiration from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Libertines. We would love the opportunity to play at this event as it is for a cause that we fully support and believe in, and with the recent closing of many venues across the country it is important to acknowledge how severely this is affecting live events, something that we love performing at as well as going to. So it would be a great achievement for us to be representing Music Venue Trust at this event.

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The Standard Lamps

As an unsigned band, I can tell you that life for us would be very different for us if it wasn’t for smaller music venues around the UK. We started off playing at our local music venues in Tunbridge Wells, Kent playing countless gigs earning us strong local following. The big change for us is when the Tunbridge Wells Forum offered us a support with Wilko Johnson. In short, this lead us to play venues like Shepherds Bush Empire and support The Who on their 2014 UK arena Tour. We rely on these venues to help us plan our own tours and also to keep our audiences interested. Without them, music will suffer full stop. Pubs are great for music, but you simply can’t experience a gig properly in them. Performance is now the most important part of any musicians career. If the venues go, music will go, creativity will go, emotional release will go. It’s really bloody important!

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The Wild Things

The Wild Things feel that ‘FIGHTBACK’ is a love letter to the UK music scene. We share their belief that the bands we love, the bands who need that shot, the bands who are just starting out deserve a space to play with great sound, fantastic lighting and a supportive audience of dedicated music lovers.

With every venue in being London closed down or being forced out it’s up to us, the artists, to create our own path. It’s up to us to find music, and keep live music LIVE. We wanted somewhere to share our music, and the music we love, with people who feel the same… and we found a kindred spirit in Music Venue Trust, and like them we’ll keep it live, because everyone deserves art.

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Music is our full time job. We write songs, busk, do shows at various venues and always look for new ways of sharing our art with our beloved supporters. And a venue is the ultimate place of showcasing one’s music to its highest standard with regards to the sound quality and the general atmosphere. Music venues around London have lots of stories to tell. Some of them are more iconic than others due to the fact that revolutionary bands from the late 70s early 80s made British music history there, but it does not mean that the latter have any less of a value as the new generation of musicians are striving to get heard and there is plenty of yet undiscovered talent out there and therefore it is sad to hear that venues are being shut down. And that is why me and Tommy are wholeheartedly supporting this event.

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Traveller + The Bear

We are Traveller + the Bear; an alternative rock, all female trio from London. As an emerging band it is becoming increasingly harder for us to find suitable venues to play in as they are disappearing, therefore we are thrilled that we could possibly be part of an event to combat this struggle. It’s amazing to have an opportunity to be able to play at such a popular venue- especially since it’s getting harder to make it in the music industry. We would certainly suit the second FIGHTBACK stage (Stage 3) as we are an emerging band yet like to think we can pack a punch in our performances.

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Trident Waters

TRIDENT WATERS are a dynamic London based power rock trio, who have experienced the ups and downs of live gigging. It’s very good to know that this Event will highlight the alarming decline in live music venues, which is making life harder for emerging and even more established bands, who are all competing for bookings in an ever diminishing live gig circuit. It’s high time this alarming state of affairs was given immediate attention, as these venues are the lifeblood, and are where bands traditionally ‘pay their dues’. Action MUST start now,before we lose any more iconic and valuable venues, and we must also fight to restore as many of those lost or due to be lost too. We need to maintain and improve the grass roots of the live circuit, which have been to breeding ground of great British music since the 60s’!!

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Valerio Lysander

*People study to make fridges, then they make fridges, then they sell them. A fridge is a material, touchable item. People understand it takes time and money to make it. People study to make music, then they make music. Then… they need to find another job to survive. Because music is not touchable, maybe people don’t understand the whole long process that lies behind it. Would you download a fridge for free if you could? If everybody did, nobody would make fridges anymore. No more cold beers for anybody, folks! Same applies to music. If you don’t support an artist you like, they might stop making music. If you don’t support music venues, they will stop providing their precious service. If you only rely to free streaming services to include music in your life, its value will decay. Music lives live, that’s where the magic is created. We need to reassert the importance of music in our life and society. It needs support from the high places, but also from down here, where we all can do our little important part.

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  1. We Khan Work it Out Generator November 3, 2016 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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