Monster Fight

As a London based band Monster Fight have seen a lot of changes to the city. Originating 10 years ago, the band remember when there were far many more great music venues to play and opportunities for up and coming artists. After a long break, the band returned to play to a more gentrified London, one that is dire need of a cultural shake up. With the 24hr tube introduction, now is the right time for the city to take advantage, and local councils to support music venues not hinder them. In a place that has given birth to such amazing performers, we should be setting an example to the rest of the world. We need to bring back the buzz and excitement of live music, returning this place to its former glory, this is why FIGHTBACK is such an important initiative.



Oh! Gunquit

It’s a cause that we are extremely passionate about as we play and have friends that run nights exactly in the kind of places that are constantly being affected by the relentless corporatism and steamrolling of our Cities great venues.

We would love to be involved in any capacity.

All the Best & Fight On!! x

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We really want to help as your cause is a noble one, our history starts back in the late 60’s and 70’s when our manager was watching Hendrix, the who, creme in small bristol venues which set him on a music path that included working with Led Zeppelin at Knebworth and managing Robin Gibb the Bee Gees for 30 years touring the world. Having grown up around the music and the sheer importance and influence it has on all people, Robin always stated the importance of even the smallest venue in helping his career. As a band we have played from wireless to even played in a shop window last week!

Ive attached some tracks to show we are actually good enough for the line up, and personally think we could add a great fun pop/ acoustic edge to proceedings.

As a team we are known for hustling hard and any help you need we are happy to oblige! We’ve had big backing from BBC introducing and we sold out our first headliner to 150+ so could definitely get a crowd down.

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Panic Island

Imagine someone hearing a lyric and that lyric igniting their potential to do something even greater.
Imagine the love and devotion they feel to fight for a greater cause…That’s the power of music.
But what if they never heard the lyric?
Without music, we would all be lost. You must feel the same way because you’re reading this.
So imagine, without ‘Live’ music, music would be lost…
No connections, no place to share your soul, your visions and beliefs, all lost!
We all have the power to change things.
As a band we live and die by our live performances, we moved to London because she holds some of the greatest music venues in the World!
Now is not the time to hesitate, now is the time to make the stand, FIGHTBACK, for the losses we’ve suffered and fight to change the losses we are facing.”

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Prisms is a conceptual, atmospheric group. We have created a show of non-stop music, every song blending to the next- a captivating, immersive experience blending elements of Hip-hop, Trip-hop and Psychedelia. The show incorporates live visuals from two artists projecting ever shifting Kaleidoscopes. It’s a riveting dream, without respite- an opportunity to completely lose yourself.

We recently played a charity gig to save the George Tavern- a beautiful little venue in East London and are collaborating with ‘The Synergy Centre’ in Brighton- an art space and venue facing the usual threat of replacement by budget hotels. It is so important to have spaces for artists to share their music and message with the public, and for people to connect and enjoy great music together so ‘FIGHTBACK’ has a cause close to our hearts.

It is our belief that through total immersion in music and poetry, people may emerge changed- return from the dream, inspired to get up and live a more connected, passionate existence;

‘The wheel turns, its time for change
In her rhythm we are one
The wheel turns and turns again
And here we are dancing under the sun’



Rusty G’s

Rusty G’s are an energetic Rock/Grunge Duo who were discovered by Planet Rock radio presenter Paul Anthony whilst supporting GUN last year. The Band released their Debut full length release “Low” earlier this year which is dirty, dangerous and downright destructive! “Low” finds the band in formidable form, with the likes of ‘Crawl’ and ‘Waiting’ blending the down-tuned riff attack of grunge with groove-led rock and the crushing intensity of grunge to produce a sound that references everyone from Nirvana to Rival Sons.

With the worrying rise of venues closing, bands like us won’t be able to showcase our material to anyone soon! So worrying….we feel the scene is in huge danger of dying. How will we ever be able to grow and encourage new bands like ourselves?

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Saint Agnes

East London’s Saint Agnes are a rousing rock’n’roll band that have been fast on the rise these last two years, organically building a strong following as a result of regular appearances at grassroots venues such as The Finsbury and Shackleton Arms, all the while honing a unique, cinematic sound, and a tough Gothic image to match.

The band have a burning desire to succeed and listening to the continued development of their sound, and seeing each show stopping performance it is very clear nothing much at all will stop them. That could well change of course, for Saint Agnes and other emerging bands like them, if small independently ran, grassroots venues are threatened to the point of ceasing to exist. It is for that reason Saint Agnes are proud to join the FIGHTBACK.

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Santa Semeli And The Monks

Having performed in various music venues (small and big) around the world (London, New York, Reykjavik, France, Belgium, Cyprus) we know and understand the vital importance for the music community to keep venues alive.

The subject is very close to our hearts, having seen first hand how one by one great independent music venues, who have supported and nurtured talent, have been closing down one by one and we want to be actively involved in reversing this by keeping music culture alive and active.

We know our program would fit right in with FIGHTBACK!

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Second Sons

All over this great city of ours, live music venues are closing at an unpresented rate, leaving many at a disadvantage. Musicians who rely on performing as a means of income, musicians and artists who love to perform for themselves, their peers, for their hearts and their souls are all affected by this issue. However, for us, the larger concern, those who stand to lose the most from this issue are the young men and women, the young artists and aspiring musicians who may never have the chance to step on a stage in their community. To pick up a guitar or a microphone and live out their dreams, play out their fantasies and perhaps even realize that this is indeed a life for them. For the Second Sons, we support this cause for them and thank Music Venue Trust and the FIGHTBACK movement for giving a voice to those who may lose their chances to share theirs.

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Silent Crowd

We feel this event is so important for London’s live music scene and it really highlights the need for everyone to pull together and keep it alive! We’ve played at many of London’s amazing music venues over the past few years and to see those venues go would be devastating for the music industry. It’d mean a lot to us to be part of this great cause.

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    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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