JEKYLL are an alternative rock band hailing from the seaside town of Blackpool. Since forming in 2011 the band have been constantly gigging throughout the North West and creating an energetic and professional set which has gained the attention of countless viewers. Coming from a very neglected part of the England, the influence that FIGHTBACK has on us is very inspirational. We often find a lack of music venues in Blackpool itself and often have to travel a great distance to play a variety of venues. If more people turned their attention to the message that FIGHTBACK is portraying then hopefully it can save the few remaining music venues in areas like ours for future generations.

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Jfk Blues

This is a subject that affects all gigging musicians, and we feel very strongly about this cause, as we have seen the decline in venues in our area and its a frightening prospect, however I do think that your remit doesn’t go far enough. It’s very commendable that the new body will be able to support landlords who are under attack from people who have moved into an area near a live venue and then choose to complain about it. I believe that breweries are to blame as well, I know of two North London venues that have either closed or in the process of closing through brewery intervention, with no replacements being put forward by the breweries.

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Kieron Liley

I am Kieron Liley, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Essex and I am SICK of my favorite venues being shut down left right and centre. My style of acoustic, cool pub covers, mixed with feel good indie pop originals and witty banter is perfect for the intimate club setting and if venues like The Half Moon or The Bedford get shut down, I will have no where left to play!

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As a young band from east London formed 2 years ago I feel that we have been part of/seen the rising fall of venues shutting down around these last few years! after playing a gig only last week at “the alley cat” bar (Denmark street) seeing the gentrification taking place on that road with venues closed and housing being knocked down we feel this “FIGHTBACK EVENT” would suit us as a young band to play.

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Lois are a four-piece rock and roll band from Nottingham comprising John Selby, Rich Spencer, Lee Matysiak and Adrian Maguire. Influenced by some of the greatest British and US bands ranging from the 60s and early 70s to the best of today’s talent, Lois have crafted a characteristic sound all of their own that blends a retro-tinged coolness with a fresh and exciting
modern edge.

As soon as we heard about the FIGHTBACK campaign in support of music venues, we instantly wanted to get involved. For years we’ve seen once-busy venue after venue close down in Nottingham and other towns and cities, restricting where ourselves and other bands could play and being helpless to do anything about it from our side.

FIGHTBACK is a great and absolutely necessary cause and we want to help the best way we know how, by playing some rock n’ roll!

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Losing Victory

We’re Losing Victory. A female fronted hard rock band based in Exeter who have recently been signed to independant Derbyshire label Soundhub Records.
We thrive on live performances and enjoy every minute of each gig we play.
With local music venues closing, so is our chance to live those wonderful moments on stage. In our area alone more than half of the venues we used to frequent have now closed in the last year and a half. With that in mind #FIGHTBACK is undeniably an initiave that is very close to our hearts. We want to do everything we possibly can to help local music venues stay open and local artists keep the platform they need to build their local fanbase.

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As well as performing regularly, solo and acoustic, under the name Mailman, I spend most of my time organising and promoting gigs for local acts in and around my hometown of Horsham, West Sussex. There are only a handful of pub venues in town, even fewer dedicated venues, and I work with them all. I also host and co-organise the annual Horsham Battle of the Bands in Horsham Park.

With venues closing left, right and centre, it’s now more important than ever to fight their corner and also highlight the value that live music can bring to any establishment. I always try to make sure my acts get paid one way or another, easy with covers bands, not so much with originals. This needs to change!

Basically, I feel very strongly about this cause and that my music and general outlook would be very appropriate at this event!

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Matt Finucane

As a grassroots artist reliant on smaller, less commercially-inclined venues, I look at the shrinking margin of places where I can play with apprehension. If this tide of disappearances goes unchecked – created largely by short-sighted local councils and greedy property developers – a vital, colourful part of our cultural landscape could vanish forever… There are plenty like me with something to offer, but who would find it a task to fill anything larger than a small-to-medium bar with a diverse music policy – in fact that’s where the new stuff, the raw stuff, is found. As you know, good music doesn’t develop in a vacuum: Without the support of a range of venues and a scene not chained to nostalgia and corporate branding, all that’s left is the least-challenging music and a lot of very ropey open mics… and does anyone want, or need, that?

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Matthew Ridley

A acoustic leaning singer/songwriter from South London who also runs a live music promotions network, Matthew B Ridley hails from the tradition of British songwriters in the mould of John Martyn, Bert Jansch, Nick Drake e.t.c… Being an independent direct music promoter I’m often asked why I run a promotions/networking platform, which really confuses me, because surely the only reason you do such a thing is (or at least should be) because you LOVE music. And if you do then it is your responsibility to look after it and allow it to prosper- so support local unsigned acts, support local independent venues, let people know that you actually do think they and what they’re doing is great! With this in mind, FIGHTBACK is something that potentially could be very significant to all musicians of now and the future and something I would take immense pride in being a part of and representing.

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Medicine Club

Following the closure of several iconic music venues in and around London, an issue which Medicine Club feel strongly about, we want to give something back to the UK music scene that has helped us so much over the past few years under our various names. The UK has so much to offer musically and the closure of venues means that so many bands don’t get a chance to shine and we want to show exactly what the industry is missing out on by not properly supporting venues.

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    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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