Hatym & Uncle Peanut

Two man laptop scuzzed punk with shoutalong choruses laughing at the state of the world today.

Both men have been in bands all their adult lives; some with great ‘success’, others without, all have been necessary. Playing in pubs and clubs, gigging all over the UK & more, it’s been a rite of passage, learning, honing, exposing, crafting from a labour of love for all of us.

We need venues. We need bands and artists to take us all out of the drudgery of modern life. We don’t need overpriced housing for overpaid people.

We need venues to breathe life back into our future; to reap the rewards and cultural stimulus that a hundred overpriced coffee shops couldn’t even dream of.

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The Day The Hipsters Stole Our Look
Mark E Smiths Still Doing The Fall


Higgs & The Bosons

Higgs & The Bosons are a Grassroots Band who play Pub Rock/Punk in Grassroots Venues. We started at open-mic nights, from graveyard midweek evenings in pubs to Saturday night slots, then graduating to local mini-festivals, now we have reached the first rungs of nationally recognized small venues such as The Forum in Tunbridge Wells. We love music and care passionately about the Grassroot Venues that give communities their soul and give us, and a thousand more like us, the chance to play and to develop. Rhythm guitarist, Nigel, joined Music Venue Trust at the outset and has been actively involved in supporting & financing local venues and festivals for nearly 10 years. We would be so proud to play at Music Venue Trust’s FIGHTBACK gig, to represent Grassroots Music & Venues in some small way and to reinforce Music Venue Trust’s message that the Grassroots Music Scene matters and should be saved, supported and celebrated.

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I Am Aquitaine

I Am Aquitaine support the Music Venue Trust and appreciate that more needs to be done to protect smaller, independent spaces, which offer performance opportunities to new and emerging artists. These platforms are vital to the future of UK music and were the launch pad of many successful artists and music scenes today. Venues need to be supported in this time to ensure that they aren’t victimised in a profit driven culture wherein rents and license fees are now at astronomical highs. What these venues offer can’t be measured in an immediate financial return but they are the lifeblood of the music scenes across the UK and this investment needs to be made to ensure that the musicians of tomorrow will be there. At what cost is art?

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Icarus Fell

We are a young, desert influenced rock band from Milton Keynes. We’ve been together for nearly 2 years. We got together to write our own stuff and make a lot of noise. We were given our first chance to play at one of our local independent music venues and a year and a half later, we’ve played a load of gigs and headlined a few times at some cool places. It’s been great. But without the music venues we wouldn’t be here, we would never had got the chance to play our music to the world. Without our music venues nobody gets a chance to become a future artist, soundman, promoter or manager. Local music venues also gives people jobs as well and support the local community. FIGHTBACK! We need a great local music scene at our venues or we’ll have no national scene at all.

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Hi there Mike Melody here from IMperfect ( tales from the Caravan of Experience )
IMperfect is the performance arm of the Caravan, whose players have come and gone since I first started IMperfect in 1992 in New York but has always remained true to it’s tenant of playing songs with a message and a soft funky folk feel, but not confined to that expression. We are a 4 piece band.

I’m wholly supportive of this idea your putting together, need more places to play and grow as a artist, so if it’s as a player or audience member
I’m right there with you guys, this is my 50 year in the biz, through thick and thin, I have loved and supported what I think is the best form of expression we have.
Ever Onward…

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We are Insomnichord, a six piece psych band from Bristol. After forming last year our first opportunities were given to us by small venues and in particular The Louisiana. They put us on as a support band for She Drew the Gun, and since then have offered us both support and more gigs. Venues such as this, however, aren’t just a place to play, they also teach you how to be a functioning band. For example, we turned up to our first gig unprepared, with too much gear that we hadn’t pre-warned the sound engineer about. Despite this, he explained to us how to streamline our setup and gave us tips on improving our performance. We believe without these venues there would be no way for a band to hone their craft and it would become far more difficult for acts to breakthrough, they are essential to our music scene.

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J.B. Paterson

Spiritual Records is an Independent record label based at the live venue Spiritual Bar in Camden. Our artist is singer/songwriter J.B. Paterson whose album is being released in October 2016. As a small venue Spiritual has always followed and supported Music Venue Trust and are very excited about the FIGHTBACK gig particularly as it is taking place 5 minutes from the venue. It’s more important than ever to have an organisation that supports all venues particularly in areas that are so prone to redevelopment.

J.B. Paterson regularly plays at Spiritual Bar and recently recorded his forthcoming album at Air Studios.



Jack Carty

Jack Carty has risen through the homegrown scene in Australia. A constant gigging schedule has seen him grow in popularity to a point where is self-recorded, self released album just hit the Australia top 40. Nothing needs to be said about Jacks commitment to grass roots venues and their critical place in music and career development. As he embarks on his UK launch tour (in grass roots venues!) he feels strongly about the importance of keeping such important assets in the worldwide music industry. The value small venues have can only be truly known when they are gone.and this is too late! Great music is born out of collaboration and shared experience. We need to preserve our artistic right to do this

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James Holt

I have offered my support for FIGHTBACK as I truly believe in what the Music Venue Trust are doing – in my hometown of Bolton there are so very few venues left and it’s a great shame. I feel that there are enough people who want to see a change, not only on the live music scene but in the music industry as a whole, and the strong support that this event has gained so far is evidence of that.

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Jamie Borrowdale

I am a one man band singer/writer/rapper. I use a loop pedal and effects for both the guitar and vocals producing a huge sound for one person. It always goes down great at festivals/live venues and would be perfect for the laidback studio stage. My style is a mixture of pop, rap, soul and rock.

I love what Music Venue Trust’s FIGHTBACK is doing and would love the opportunity to be a part of it. I feel that the ‘Establishment’ see life, music and culture as a profits accounts. Live music venues are the life and training ground of emerging bands and grassroots music. I think what you are doing is essential to to stop the demise of the live music scene.

If chosen to play at this event I will put on a great performance for this cause. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the opportunity.

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    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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