My name is Jon Jameson and I’m writing to you on behalf of the band I represent CURRAN, more specifically our singer MARK CURRAN. The closing of music venues is a subject very near and dear to his heart. He has two small children and worries regular where their going to get to discover new bands and music and have the great experiences and adventures of live music he was fortunate enough to have…because he had the venues to go to. We were wondering if you might have room for us on your show at the Roundhouse in October. The band will be doing a short European and UK tour in early October and we’d like to make this our finish date. More importantly….we feel we might be able to secure a spot on the ONE SHOW, with CURRAN performing and yourselves talking about the trust. If we could work fast on this…I think its possible. Is this something you might be interested in??? Thank You for your time, I appreciate it. I look forward to hearing back either way.

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David Sinclair Four

As a music journalist for The Times, Rolling Stone, Q magazine and others, David Sinclair has spent a lifetime going to live shows. “Some of the best gigs I’ve seen have been at smaller venues,” he says. “R.E.M. at the Borderline, ZZ Top at the old Marquee in Wardour Street, Alice Cooper at The 100 Club. The best acts have all come up through the grass-roots live circuit: from the Beatles playing their lunchtime sessions in the Cavern to Ed Sheeran owning the open mic scene first in England and then in Los Angeles. As a musician I know how important it is for artists to play in front of a live audience. Venues are a precious resource. It’s time to man the barricades and make sure they stay open.

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Islington’s Delaire is an artist working very hard this last year or so, and carefully crafting a new tranche of songs that utilise her breathy vocals that shimmer and reflect influences from Banks to Kate Bush. The year got off to a fantastic start when the young artist found herself making the leap from venues like Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney to recording live sessions at BBC Maida Vale sessions as part of the BBC’s ‘People’s History of Pop’ series and then went on to be invited to play both the Lee Fest and Blissfields. Without the UKs grassroots venues such a fast moving year for young and talented artist like Delaire would just not happen. Delaire would like to give back and join FIGHTBACK.

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Dirty Lions

Initially formed around the vocal and lyrical talents of Michelle Jimenez Alder and the songwriting of Mark “”Dusty”” Wright. Dirty Lions enlisted the talents of accomplished musicians Garry Bowler (drums) and Laurie Dalziel (bass). The fabulous Paul Bond on guitar has now completed the second album line up to create a new musical experience with the aim of being as brave and inclusive in what they do as possible. This may make things …difficult for those who need to pigeon hole everything they hear. So to make things as easy as possible for you all, we’re calling it “Sonic Esperanto”.

The band consists of musicians that have performed in many of the UK’s venues over many years and has noticed the rapid decline of many established venues on the touring circuit. This event will hopefully be a wake up call to many who devalue the purpose of music environments and the impact it is having on creative talents and community spirit.

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Elephants And Castles

Its simple, Britain will become boring. Help us FIGHTBACK against the rules, regs and money men bulldozing the creativity off our streets. Our area (Elephant and Castle) is becoming a social and creative wasteland as homes (Heygate Estate), venues (The Coronet) and businesses (shopping centre) are swept away to make room for buildings built purely for profit, not people.

This is not just a London thing, we all need to preserve the places and communities in which we live, work and play. *FIGHTBACK.*

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False Heads

I’m Luke from a band called False Heads and we’re from East London/Essex. I think that it’s fucking depressing how many iconic venues that I’d find some old, dirty clip of my favourite bands playing in on youtube have closed down. The sort of music that we play, we excel best in crammed rooms in these types of venues and there ain’t atmosphere or energy like it. I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom though I think there is hope, the Water Rats was a shambles and now it’s been turned into an awesome venue again which is why an event like this is so important because the situation can change. There will most likely always be festivals and big shows blah blah but to get to that point you need the experience of watching a fanbase grow in front of your eyes at small/medium sized venues, what used to be called the toilet circuit basically. That’s how you build your fanbase, that’s how you build everything about your band and if they keep dying out then there ain’t gunna be any bands left, let alone venues. We played the Roundhouse this year to celebrate 40 years of punk and alternative music, this time we’re playing to make sure there will be another 40 years.

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Feral Five

Hello amazing #FIGHTBACK people

We’re 100% in support of what you are doing, and want to volunteer to play on the 18th if you need any more artists – we’re an electropunk dance duo from London and Kent, featured on BBC 6 Music and on sites like Louder Than War, PRS’s M Magazine and GigSlutz. If any of your team behind this email are from The Forum in Tunbridge Wells, you may remember us from the Bowie tribute charity event – we performed Rebel Rebel.

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FOXER are no strangers to the fight for keeping venues open. We were one of the last bands to play at The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, The Cellars in Eastney run by the ever hard working Steve Pitt was one of our favourite home town venues and we also played one of the farewell shows. The George Tavern, another of our haunts has only just recently won it’s battle against neighbouring developers.. It’s up to the likes of us to prove that we can as a community turn things around. It’s not just about playing gigs, it’s about forming strong relationships with other artists in other areas for gig shares, attending networking events with promoters and industry insiders that are starting to increase in numbers and raise awareness to the gig going public that venues need support from local community or they are in danger of being lost.

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Frankie Knight

Music Venue Trust is one of the most important communities in the UK live music industry. I chose the word ‘community’ because it is not merely an organisation that protects and nurtures our live music circuit, but it offers every single one of us from industry people and record store owners to passionate music lovers and emerging acts as myself a piece faith that is incredibly much needed in order to keep nurturing emerging acts and our venues that play an essential part in sustaining a healthy music industry –
something the UK should be immensely proud of.

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This event feels very timely and essential for all of us who are deeply concerned about the encroaching sanitisation of our capital. Spaces for young people to enjoy are becoming alarmingly scarce and any whiff of counter cultural or subversive entertainment is wilfully snuffed out. The music industry is facing a lot of troubles but without a grassroots network of decent venues we simply will cease to produce the kind of talent London and the UK is famous for.

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    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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