Bigman Solution

We are very keen to play this event because we have all been shocked at the recent closures of many music venues, and in general, one of the things that inspired us to start doing this in the first place was wanting to combat social injustices. We combine hip-hop and punk to try channel that feeling, our music before we even heard about this event was dedicated to us fighting back, so playing the FIGHTBACK stage at a FIGHTBACK event is a match made in heaven.

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Black Light White Light

Coming from Scandinavia we grew up with English music being a central part of our lives. We love the music history of the UK of which live venues have played a crucial part. Obviously without it our band wouldn’t be here today. We have toured the UK a few times as main act + support playing with several UK bands like The Telescopes, Dead Rabbits, Black Market Karma, playing great venues all over the country meeting great people everywhere. It’s disturping reading about UK venues closing by the numbers. It effects our hearts as well as well as the specific opportunities for us and other bands to play around UK in the future. Therefore we want to be a part of this event.

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Black Swan Event

Black Swan Event are very keen to support this charity as small music venues up and down the country are intrinsic to the development of new bands and their music. The influences we possess a band are completely linked within this idea of independence and so an event like this is of great importance to support. We, much like all up and coming bands, play a selection of different small venues and clubs that will disappear without a organisation like Music Venue Trust. All members have been in a variety of bands throughout the years and so have noticed the alarming decline of independent venues. This noticeable decline has informed a sense of solidarity within the band in regards to the importance of playing in these kind of venues.

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Bloch Eyot

UK’s grassroot venues are as important as the new Super Sewer – without them we’ll be in the sh*t!

I had my soul bashed, shaped and mended in those gritty little rooms. If it wasn’t for these small venues I would most likely have grown up and got a normal job.

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I am emailing you to see if you will consider Bluebirds for the FIGHTBACK Gig in London. We are an Edinburgh/Glasgow based 3-piece. We have recently finished recording our debut album at Green Door Studios in Glasgow with a view to releasing on vinyl at the start of 2017. We would be absolutely honoured to play the gig and would happily get ourselves down for the night from Scotland.

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The rapid increase in disappearing venues is raising red flags and unrest in the music community. FIGHTBACK is a positive response to this. It’s an uprising of musicians and fans standing together, where background, faith, colour and any other differences fade away as we unite as one voice. We would love to be part of this historical event as a band playing loud and proud in our continued fight against venue closures. We have a rich musical history in this country which should not be confined to just a museum as something great, that once was. We’re not dead! we’re still here.

We are currently working with The Zine UK, ARTBEATS (Caffy St Luce) to deliver affordable gigs and ways for bands to build a following in the UK, so this really is something very close to our hearts.

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When I was 16 I used to attend the railway club. It was a small venue on St Albans road in Watford behind a car repair garage. Specifically I remember two shows, Gallows and Lower Than Atlantis. Bands that would go on to play the Warped Tour in America.

They started there, as have countless other bands that came through Watford, playing to small crowds that became sold out, legendary shows to our scene.

We have The Horns and The Flag, but they are pubs, none of them were quite like Railway. It was our own space, not only were the bands playing the event but we were running it too, dealing with ticket sales, organising our own security, stage managing etc. It brought so many elements of what it is to put on a live music event, there are over 16 colleges and secondary schools in the Watford area, teenage kids thrived off of this environment. We lived for our Friday nights.

Unfortunately the railway club was knocked down and replaced by a car park in 2012, the year I left for music university. A car park?! Really? Thing is I had embraced my local scene and culture, I’d been in a few local bands and learnt everything I know about event management (I’m in 4th year of running my festival ‘Deebs day’ with some friends) other people won’t get that chance. That sucks.

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Canvas Wall

Canvas Wall are an Indie Pop Rock band formed in London a few years back when there was a healthy plethora of venues across the country. Having performed at many venues (some of which are now closed), closures across the country are something we are hearing about more and more and it’s important to help save the remaining venues. They are vital to the growth of new music and our music culture in general – for local and touring acts alike. Canvas Wall songs speak messages of motivation and encouragement and we would love to perform some of these tracks at an event which can change the fate of venues facing closure. Save the venues!

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Chase The Day

We are Chase the Day. Plaid wearing, riff slinging, heart baring alt-rockers from London. For fans of the best bands of the 90s, massive hooks and killer riffs.

Our album ‘Tabula Rasa’ features twelve tracks of groovy riffs and catchy hooks that will take you right back to the alt rock/grunge heyday of the 90s. Every track is different; from the swinging RATM style riffs and lush harmonies of lead single ‘Pariah’ (featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s tracks of the week), through to the Nirvana-inspired introspective acoustic number ‘Just the Same’, the pop Weezerisms of ‘Across the Water’, to the thumping closer ‘Dig’.

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Chasing Deer

We recently moved from the Midlands, where we used to promote local bands at the Assembly and Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa and regularly support our local music scene.
We are passionate about the saving of the UK’s small music venues, a place where fantastic new music can be shared and enjoyed in all different styles. It is devastating that venues are ceasing to trade all around the country, with such an international reputation, memories and history. It leaves new bands with nowhere to start out and learn their trade, nowhere to network and be discovered.
When we heard about the fantastic work being done to bring awareness to this we knew we wanted to be a part of it.

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    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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