We feel that the Music Venue Trust is just the beginning. If all goes well, hopefully other groups will get involved and force a change in today’s already tough music business. It’s hard enough as it is trying to earn a living from making music without councils shutting down venues due to noise etc. It’s our life blood. Why this has not been addressed sooner is beyond us. Imagine moving to a house and then complaining that the railway behind the back garden is too noisy… it’s the same thing with the same predictable outcome. Soon they’ll be moving train stations.

The Music Venue Trust‘s FIGHTBACK is a huge step in the right direction for all of us. Let’s make it a reality.

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I am a musician and DJ called AFS. I think the FIGHTBACK event is an important statement as with music venues closing at such an alarming rate, opportunities for the next generation of musicians to play will be restricted. When I started playing, I didn’t feel there were many viable opportunities to be heard. I played in my city for free and felt I was expected to gig around the country regularly, which I could not afford to do. With fewer venues, artists could be forced to have no choice, or renumeration, in where they perform; they could even be made to pay to play. More venues ensure that musicians have more opportunities.

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We’re Airdrop and we play high-energy rock n roll with groove. So why is this cause so important to us? Most bands applying for FIGHTBACK, including ourselves, will have stories of how venue closure has/is affecting them… and that in itself says a huge amount.

On top of this, we’d like to tell two personal stories about the guys in the band. The first’s about Ruben. He was drawn to London from Spain because so many of the bands he loves come from here. The bands born in these venues inspire millions around the world and are a huge part of both UK culture, and popular music as a whole.

The second’s about Zach, Andy’s 2½ year old son. He’s got his own guitar, keyboard & mic and loves to play music. We’re at a crossroads now, where if we don’t FIGHTBACK, there’ll be nothing left for the musicians of the future. So bring on the 18th!!

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Albert Man

As an unsigned musician, grassroots venues are the places that I can play and have my music heard. I’m passionate about keeping the amazingly rich UK music culture alive and I think these smaller venues play a vital role in making that happen. I wrote this short poem on the issue of fighting back.

The live music industry’s thriving
Yet the smallest venues are declining
This closing-down epidemic and bad decisions
Are making way for flats we can’t afford to live in
Up and down the country from London to Glasgow
The 12 Bar Club and Madame Jojos
Closing their doors for the last time
To make way for this tragic cultural decline
We have to fight for all of these grassroots clubs
And keep playing live music before they’re gone for good
So let’s take this gentrification to task
And stop what’s important from becoming a thing of the past

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Alex Hedley

Alex Plays Acoustic folk/alternative music…. His vigorous touring is already earning a name for himself on the circuit and he really hopes that he can play at the FIGHTBACK event because he believes in himself that he is just as connected to keeping the music scene in the uk alive with tireless effort 24/7 trying to push himself through with the spirit in his music with the hope that it will bring people together to enjoy and continue supporting the music scene.

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Amie K

Live music sustained me throughout my teens, be it seeing my favourite international band in big venues or catching local talent in small town venues. Live music is the life blood of communities and provide up and coming artists such as myself opportunities to grow and develop audiences

Music venues are essential for emerging artists, and without them the next generation of musicians are severely limited and deprived of the experiences of previous generations that had benefited from the likes of The Marquee Club, The Cavern, London Astoria and the latest casualty, Fabric to name but a few.

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Andy Grün

I am a solo artist, i have recently released my self produced debut solo album. I have been fortunate enough to have supported the likes of Kasabian, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Fratellis so far. I would love to be a part of this event as i think it is vital to create publicity for the cause, its vital to keep history alive and what better way than to put on an event of this calibre.

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Bang Bang Romeo

This event is close to our hearts because all of the venue’s most under threat are the ones that gave us our first opportunities and platforms to perform in different cities across the Uk. Without them their is no gateway for the Next Fleetwood Mac or Queen to emerge. They are the vital first step to everyone’s musical journey, including ours.

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We – BARBORA – are a progressive/fusion rock and metal trio, based in North West London. We combine influences from jazz and flamenco with hard rock and metal to bring you charged, crazy musical insanity. Your event is in support of something very close to our hearts, and we would love to be a part of it as a support act.

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BERRIES – As a London based band it has been a shock for us to witness so many fantastic music venues being shut down in favour of ugly grey buildings.

We all moved to London to perform our music in a vibrant, unique, colourful city and we feel that it’s slowly but surely being taken away from us and musicians from all over the world who travel to London to play. London is a City that welcomes originality and original music with open arms and to destroy the platform that we all so desperately need in the form of niche, quirky, historic music venues is beyond tragic.

The Music Venue Trust’s FIGHTBACK event is a fantastic opportunity to stand up and perform at an event that we all massively believe in. This organisation can seriously change things and as independent musicians we would absolutely love to be a part of that.

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  1. We Khan Work it Out Generator November 3, 2016 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    […] In related news, the Music Venues Trust has announced further details of its ‘Fightback’ gig, taking place at The Roundhouse in London on 18th October, with a line up including Everything Everything and Public Service Broadcasting. The proceeds of the gig will go towards setting upMVT’s ‘Emergency response service’ for grassroots venues. Find out more and get tickets here. […]

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