Is your venue under threat from licensing, noise complaints, legal action?

Before you do anything else – CONTACT US.

We have assembled an Emergency Response Team which includes the UK’s leading experts on licensing, acoustics, noise, legal and tenancy issues.

Fill in this form and our Emergency Response Team will respond as soon as possible with clear, practical advice. Initial advice from this service is FREE to all MVA Members in the UK. Provide us with as much information as possible; fill in every relevant section with all the details you can provide.

Don’t fight this on your own; let’s fight back together.

Message from Mark:

This form allows every MVA Member venue in the country to access free legal and expert advice on licensing, planning, development, noise, and even tenancy issues.

I want to make sure everyone gets this – we don’t want you to deal with any of those issues on your own. We’ve got a team of people on retainers to give you initial advice for free. Looking at the work we’ve done, this is the single biggest cause, eventually, of venue closures; that the first response was poor, wrong or just didn’t happen.

As soon as you get a noise complaint, fill this in.
Letter from the council? fill this in.
Notice of a planning application? fill this in.

We will have the UK’s best advice on the issue you face back to you within 72 hours. Wherever it’s possible, it will result in a letter dealing with the issue for you, or an objection to an application or a complaint that is rigorous, factual and correct.

Tweet about this using #FIGHTBACK. Please tag other venues.

There’s no point us changing various laws and planning frameworks if nobody is able to use that because they don’t have £5,000 to get the best legal opinion that references it.

There’s one more stage to this – we’re going to demand a statutory obligation on the part of local authorities and developers that we must be notified by law of any development within 150 metres of an existing live music venue.

So, please support us to advertise this service to every Grassroots Music Venue in the UK.

You can also help fund this service by making a donation here.

Mark Davyd
CEO, Music Venue Trust.

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