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Information for Students

MVT has a website full of information, from who we are and what we do (front page of the website and Team/Contact) to links to key reports, documents and films to read and watch (Resources), press releases and information about projects we are involved in (News) and a list of what we have done since our creation in 2014 (Achievements). You can search any term by clicking on the magnifying glass and all relevant articles on the website will come up. Reading the website is the first action if you want to know more about our work and what the challenges are for Grassroots Music Venues.

For general questions about MVT, please listen to this short interview:

Click here to view the transcript of this interview.

Our Youtube page has a number of useful videos that will be helpful:

Our Department of Digital Culture Media & Sport Live Music Inquiry – Music Venue Trust Evidence report is also available to read in full and we would recommend doing so before getting in touch.


Once you have researched what is available to you and decide you need to email us with a request for an interview, please bear in mind the following:

1. We are always delighted to hear that our work is coming to the attention of students and tutors HOWEVER, we are inundated with emails from students asking for help with their dissertations. So much so that we are no longer able to give individualised answers to questions and have instead created this handy student guide to address most of your questions. Please use the answers below (or elsewhere on the website) in your dissertation/work as they come directly from our CEO Mark Davyd and our Strategic Director Beverley Whitrick. Where you do use our resources, please make sure to properly credit us for them. If your questions have already been covered by this page please DO NOT email us, we will simply direct you to this page.

2. If your questions have not been covered in the answers below, BEFORE getting the itch to email us, please do check whether they are answered elsewhere on our website (see paragraph one above).

3. If your answer still hasn’t been covered please then email [email protected].

Please bear in mind that we really only have time to answer ONE question. Do not send through a list of questions as we will not answer them. Think carefully about your question, ask yourself ‘has it been covered on this page?’ and make it count.

At Music Venue Trust we dedicate our time to helping protect, secure and improve Grassroots Music Venues around the country. We want to spend all of our time doing this and so have created this page to cover what most students want to know about us, our work and the state