Crunching the GMV Numbers

The latest UK wide membership of the Music Venues Alliance is 927. This represents 98% of the GMVs in the country plus circa 270 Grassroots Music Pubs and Grassroots Multi Arts Spaces which also make a significant contribution to talent development in the UK.

We have solid data on Turnover in 2019 for 617 of those members. Extrapolating that data to the full membership –

  • Total turnover in 2019 was £371,501,739 *

The sources of income were:

  • Tickets (£128,944,773)
  • Other (£242,556,966) **

Extrapolating from the same data source for our full membership –

  • There were 12,051 FTE jobs in total in the sector in 2019
  • Two thirds of these FTE statistics relate to part-time work
  • Such roles were typically filled by three individuals, representing a total workforce of circa 28,000 individuals
  • People working in music venues typically have ‘portfolio’ careers (e.g. a sound engineer might work 2 of the 6 shifts available at a venue, and supplement their income with 2 shifts at a recording studio and 1 shift doing education)
  • Each show creates work opportunities for an average of 12.8 musicians and 5.6 touring crew – neither are direct employees of the venue but rely upon the venue for the work opportunity
  • In 2019, there were 231,379 shows at grassroots level, delivering 2,961,651 single shift work opportunities for musicians and 1,295,722 single shift work opportunities for crew
  • Applying a 6 hour shift model and working to a basis of a 37.5hrs FTE post, these single shift working opportunities equate to 14,191 additional FTE jobs

These are solely the jobs related directly to the delivery of live performances. The accompanying diagram explains the role that Grassroots Music spaces play in job creation and retention beyond such events.

* The margin of error on this estimate of +/-2% (range between £364 and £378 million)
** Other describes more than 95% wet sales or catering