Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Service

The Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Service will provide sector support to Grassroots Music Venues facing urgent and immediate challenges due to COVID-19.

In order for us to get all the information we need to support your venue, please ensure that the person who is using this service is directly connected to the venue, for example: the venue owner/operator/manager etc.

MVT has assembled a team of leading experts on tenancy issues, rent and mortgage negotiations, planning, licencing, legal contractual issues and more. The Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Service will problem solve challenges that venues are experiencing by connecting venues with our team of industry experts. Our experts will then provide robust and clear legal, planning, tenancy, licensing, rent and mortgage advice to help halt individual threats of closure posed by COVID-19.

The service will help venues by:

  1. Providing sector support, urgent advice, and staged interventions by MVT’s team on behalf of venues to help halt threats to venues
  2. If all practical avenues are exhausted without success, and financial challenges remain, MVT will consider whether it can give direct financial assistance to your venue in order to alleviate specific challenges your venue faces. The money available for the fund is limited so the option for direct financial assistance will only be used as a last resort once all other methods to stop challenges have been explored


MVA Coordinators

MVT has now appointed Temporary Music Venues Alliance Coordinators in the following areas to help assist the crisis service:

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • London
  • South West England
  • South East England
  • North West England
  • North East England
  • Central England
  • East of England

Before filling in a crisis form please contact Clara at [email protected] so that she can connect you with your MVA Coordinator. The MVA Coordinators are our first line of contact for venues and we want you to be in touch with your Coordinator before you fill in this form. If you are a member of the Music Venues Alliance, the assistance and guidance the Coordinators can offer may be able to alleviate the threat you are facing without the need for you to fill in this crisis service form so it is very important that you contact Clara ([email protected]) so that she can connect you to the relevant team member.


Before contacting the Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Service please:

  1. Make sure you contact Clara ([email protected]) so she can connect you with your MVA Coordinator
  2. Read MVT’s COVID-19 Advice for Venues page here:
  3. Check whether your venue is eligible for the Government support outlined in MVT’s COVID-19 Advice for Venues page
  4. If your venue is eligible, please begin the process of accessing any Government support that is available
  5. Please take all other preemptive steps to stave off the threats of closure


The GMV Crisis Service is open to all Music Venues Alliance members. You can apply to join the Music Venues Alliance by filling in this form HERE.
Please ensure you are a MVA member before submitting a Crisis Form.

Please use this service if you are in genuine danger of permanent closure, are not eligible for Government support, or will permanently close unless an MVT intervention is staged.

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