Support from UK & Devolved Governments

This advice has been updated on 20 October 2020. In addition we suggest MVA members check announcements on the Music Venues Alliance Facebook Group (please note, this group is for existing members of the MVA only).

MVT is offering ongoing sector support for Grassroots Music Venues (GMVs) to try and sustain them through the impacts of COVID-19. This takes five forms:

1. Surveys

  • MVT has been gathering data from Music Venues Alliance (MVA) members regularly since 9 March, about the financial impact of venue closure and the cost and ability to comply with guidance provided, to best inform governments about the support needed to ensure they are sustained through this crisis and able to reopen
  • In October 2020 we are once more gathering data to prepare for the next phase of lobbying and fundraising
  • MVT also gathered data from audience members of GMVs as to their willingness to return to venues. This data enables us to speak authoritatively and factually about the financial needs of GMVs


2. Information Sharing

  • MVT continues to bring together and disseminate to MVA members the most current information about what they must do and what they can do to try and sustain their venue. This is done by the core MVT team and its regional and national coordinators
  • MVT feeds into the international music industry picture and keeps track of trends


3. Representation

  • MVT makes sure that the needs of GMVs are raised as part of all music industry and cultural sector approaches for support from the governments of the UK and represents their needs as part of HM Government’s Cultural Taskforce
  • As the largest GMV membership body in Europe (Live DMA), MVT feeds into European information collecting and sharing
  • MVT ensures the needs of GMVs are raised at the Local Council level via roundtable representation and works to ensure that support for which GMVs are eligible is forthcoming


4. Fundraising

  • To support the entire sector, MVT launched the Grassroots Music Venue Crisis Fund, created to raise money from corporate giving and high net worth individuals. Via this mechanism MVT became a partner in the distribution of the Mayor of London’s Culture at Risk Business Support Fund
  • MVT supports every member of the Music Venues Alliance to apply for all financial support available to them and offers advice on individual fundraising campaigns
  • MVT continues to encourage individuals to support their local Grassroots Music Venue via crowdfunding campaigns and is working on the most effective ways of supporting this ongoing activity through the #saveourvenues campaign and platform


5. Individual support for every Music Venues Alliance member

  • Since the start of the crisis MVT has grown its team, appointing Regional and National Coordinators to work with the core team and reach out to every venue across the UK. The MVA Coordinators work through all of the potential avenues of support for venues, offering advice on how best to secure every venue’s finances (and listening to their concerns)
  • If these measures fail to secure the venue then they apply to the GMV Crisis Service for specialist expert advice and support