PPL SFE Tariff: Guidance For Music Venues Alliance Members

PPL announced the creation of a new Special Featured Entertainment Tariff on Tuesday 19 March. The name of the new Tariff is SFE PPLPP301.

The scope of the new tariff PPLPP301 will be for SFE events at Nightclubs, Pubs and Bars, Restaurants and Cafes and Hotels. This new Tariff contains significantly higher rates for the use of PPL licensed music.

We have been in touch with PPL about this new Tariff and they have informed us that SFE events at other venue types SPECIFICALLY GRASSROOTS MUSIC VENUES and Other Specialised Music Venues will continue to be licensed on the existing SFE PPLPP001 until further notice. This existing Tariff is not being raised at all at this time.

Music Venue Trust engaged with PPL during the consultation on SFE Tariff and is pleased to note this is the outcome at the present moment. We warmly welcome the decision to exclude live music venues from any potential increase within the new tariff.

MVT Guidance for MVA Venue Members

If your venue is a Grassroots Music Venue or fits the PPL description of Other Specialised Music Venue, the guidance offered to us by PPL is that you are entitled to remain on Tariff SFE PPLPP001. In the event PPL attempt to move you to the new Tariff, write to them detailing to them that you are a Grassroots Music Venue and stating that in line with this you wish to remain on the existing Tariff. Please copy this post so you can explain exactly why you are stating this and on what guidance you are acting.