Photo by Jannica Honey

BBC6 Music’s Steve Lamacq was today honoured as the first ever recipient of the Music Venue Trust Outstanding Achievement Award at Venues Day 2018.

The award was presented by Joe Talbot and Mark Bent, singer and manager of Idles, the latest in a long line of bands to have received Steve’s backing in the Grassroots Music Venues circuit and broken through to chart success. The MVT Outstanding Achievement Award recognises an individual from outside the Grassroots Music Venues sector who has shown significant, long-term support for small, independent venues.

Photo by Jannica Honey

Mark Davyd, CEO Music Venue Trust

Mark Davyd
“We are delighted to present this award to Steve for all his work on behalf of venues across the country since the very beginning of his career. Steve is the authentic voice of the fan that loves these places, and was an obvious front runner for the very first award.”


Joe Talbot, Idles

Joe Talbot
“Steve has obviously helped us build the ship we are now in and, of course, for that we will always be grateful, truly. What is more impressive for me and something I believe is far more important, is that Steve Lamacq has championed the passion and unadulterated interest in the new; seeking to find, build and rebuild the dwindling air of vivid excitement for the new and creating the new. His resilience for the love of music has not only saved our career but has restored my faith in whatever is left of the music industry; all that I dreamt of has come true because of him. A most extraordinary person indeed.”

Presenting the Award, Joe Talbot from Idles said, “Without people like Steve, our careers wouldn’t exist. We’re grateful as a band and more importantly as a culture. Thank you to yourself and everyone else around for making our world a better and more interesting place. Thank you Steve for your hard work.

Grassroots Music Venues lined up to hail Steve’s work:

For as long as I can remember, Steve has been talking about the value of our venues and their place in the community, years before anyone came up with the term ‘community hub’.
– Mal Campbell, Hebden Bridge Trades Club.

As with John Peel I was always too shy to approach Steve Lamacq but I’ve always loved his insatiable enthusiasm & principles. It’s great to have Steve on board with that in the fight for independent music venues and improving standards in music generally.
– Paul Jackson, Hull Adelphi

Steve is one of those people whose love of live music is obvious to everyone who meets him.His passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to developing great live music, is respected by each and every one of us working in a small venue.
– Pasco-Q Kelvin, Norwich Arts Centre

Over 200 venues are attending this year’s Venues Day, an all-day event focusing on issues that move the sector forward while tackling the challenges that have seen too many closures.