Saving London’s music venues

35% of London’s grassroots music venues have been lost since 2007. Music helps make London a dynamic city. Our music scene is second to none and this decline needs to stop if London is going to continue to be a city that nurtures, creates and enjoys a world famous live music scene.

The Mayor and London’s Night Czar are leading the city-wide charge to support and protect London’s important grassroots music venues and make London the world’s best music city.

Rescue Plan for London’s Grassroots Music Venues

The original Rescue Plan for London’s Grassroots Music Venues was launched in October 2015. In January 2017 we published a progress update.

The progress update shows that the number of grassroots music venues in the capital has remained stable for the first time in ten years. We currently have 94 venues operating in London.

Although good progress has been made to tackle the decline, there is still a lot to be done. The progress update sets out the next steps on planning, development, licensing, business rates, and the promotion of London as the world’s best music city.

Read the updated report HERE.