Music Venue Trust announces Music Venues Alliance Austin

Austin becomes first City in America to join growing international movement to protect, secure and improve Grassroots Music Venues.

Music Venue Trust is delighted to announce the launch of Music Venues Alliance Austin, the first international member of the MVA network which is bringing together Grassroots Music Venues from across the world.

Since the first Venues Day event in London, UK, in December 2014, awareness of the precarious position in which small independent music venues find themselves has grown enormously. Music Venue Trust, the charity created to champion and protect the UK’s Grassroots Music Venues, has played a lead role in this work, appearing at international conferences and events to describe what has been happening to this vital sector. Their work has attracted support from government, the music industry and leading cultural figures such as Stephen Fry and Sir Paul McCartney, who recently added his name to a growing army of musicians calling attention to the plight of small music venues and throwing his weight behind the Music Venue Trust.

Music Venues Alliance Austin is already in talks with Austin City officials.

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Rebecca Reynolds

The organisation is headed up by Rebecca Reynolds, who said:
“Here in Austin, we have been following the work of Music Venue Trust and the Music Venues Alliance in the UK with huge interest. The problems they are describing resonated very clearly with us here. Although we have our own unique drivers for what threatens the future of Austin music venues, the core challenges are the same; gentrification, rising rents, a lack of cultural acknowledgement and respect for the work they are doing, and a music industry that needs to start backing these spaces if they are to continue to develop new and emerging talent. We found the work of MVT inspiring, and the progress they have made in such a short time amazing”.

Mark Davyd

Mark Davyd of Music Venue Trust said:
“Coming shortly after the announcement of Music Venues Alliance Northern Ireland, we are delighted to welcome our first American alliance of venues to our growing network. We firmly believe there is so much to learn from each other in this sector, and the more we can grow it the more strength we can bring to the arguments we are making about Grassroots Music Venues.

Music Venues Alliance Austin aims to quickly pick up the challenge of protecting, securing and improving the Cities’ music venues, and has already signed up 30 venues to the network. Interested music venues in and around Austin are invited to contact Rebecca at [email protected].

“We’d love to hear from more cities and countries around the world” says Davyd. “Ultimately, we’d like to see the work of these venues respected globally by the music industry, government and the cultural sector. Joining together, we believe we can make that happen.”