Dear Friends,

We have been asked by government to create the economic case for grassroots music venues, by getting some evidence on the economic activity that takes place because they exist. We are doing this in partnership with UK Music by asking people to take part in an incredibly short and simple survey – just six questions, all multiple choice, it takes less than a minute to do.

This is the link:

We really need support to ensure that thousands of people complete the survey. The more responses we get, the more credibility we can attach to the evidence. Please could you help by disseminating this to your social media, fanbases, databases, attaching it to your communications, asking your clients/artists/bands to do the same, spreading the link as far and wide as possible?

1,000 answers would be ok
5,000 answers would be great
10,000 answers would be excellent
100,000 answers would be extraordinary

Don’t forget to fill it in yourself!
Thank you,
Beverley & Mark

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