#VoteForMusic is a campaign kick-started by the hub, with support from Music Venue Trust and The Great Escape. It aims to raise awareness of music industry issues during the election campaign.

#VoteForMusic does what it says on the tin. We’re encouraging music fans, musicians and other industry professionals – anyone who cares about music – to cast their vote for the single most pressing issue they want the next government (regardless of its political hue) to address. You can cast your #VoteForMusic right up till the polls close at 10pm on 7 May.


With only a few days left until Election Day on May 7th, Music Venue Trust is encouraging all colleagues and lovers of music to get involved in the #VoteForMusic campaign. Created by the hub and supported by Music Venue Trust and The Great Escape, this campaign gives people who care about music an opportunity to pinpoint one burning issue they would like presented to the new government (the campaign is apolitical) to benefit music.

The campaign is explained on the hub’s website and we are encouraging everyone to share their vote on Facebook and/or Twitter with the #VoteForMusic and #MusicVenueTrust tags AND to nominate at least 3 other people to do the same. Above you can see Beverley Whitrick & Mark Davyd from MVT and Chris Tams from the BPI with their #VoteForMusic. There are many more here.

Results of the #VoteForMusic campaign will be announced at The Great Escape Festival on 15 May, with plans being developed for a head-to-head debate featuring senior politicians at the hub’s One Dayer conference on 1 July.

Mark Davyd explains why the Music Venues Trust are lobbying for the Agent of Change principle as part of the #VoteForMusic campaign and how it could really make a difference to live music venues.


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