JACK DANIELS joins Grassroots Investor campaign

Music Venue Trust‘s strategic campaign to protect, secure and develop UK grassroots music venues to be “the best in the world” attracts first key investment partner

Jack Daniel’s has become the first key partner to join the Music Venue Trust’s Grassroots Investor project, with a commitment to a long term strategy to protect, secure and develop the UK’s grassroots music venues.

Grassroots Investor is a two phased strategic intervention into the grassroots music circuit designed to immediately take steps to prevent venue closures (through a central legal team, acoustics team, a lobbying arm and a central crisis fund) followed by direct investment into grassroots venues so that UK artists and audiences can enjoy the venues they deserve.

Beverley Whitrick, Strategic Director of Music Venue Trust said:

“A combination of low aspiration and severe under investment means we’ve ended up content to describe this sector as the “toilet circuit” and accept conditions in them that reflects all that description implies.

There are examples from round the world of world class venues at this level, and through Grassroots Investor we aim to work with our partners to match those standards here in the UK. We’re delighted Jack Daniel’s have responded so quickly and so positively to this campaign and we look forward to working with them”.

Michael Boaler, Senior Brand Manager at Jack Daniel’s commented:

“We’re really proud to be one of the founding members of the Music Venue Trust’s Grassroots Investor programme.

Jack Daniel’s has always had a strong affiliation with music and we’ve been doing a great deal of work over the past few years supporting iconic small venues such as Southampton’s Joiners, Glasgow’s King Tut’s and Birmingham’s Rainbow because we believe that music is best enjoyed live.

We’re in complete agreement that a longer term strategy is needed rather than a quick fix and we want to help achieve something really significant through this campaign and support the places where future legends are created in any way we can.”

Music Venue Trust CEO Mark Davyd says:

Jack Daniel’s support for this project is a vital first step in realising a big ambition for UK grassroots music venues.

We have the people with the skills and passion ready to run them, supported by artists and audiences across the country that are calling out for better facilities.

With Grassroots Investor, everybody who has an interest in this sector can work together to maximise impact through strategic, sensible and sustainable investment. Instead of the piecemeal approach of the past it’s time to address the whole grassroots circuit and give their work the respect and value it deserves”.

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