Music Venue Trust is a UK Registered Charity which acts to protect, secure and improve UK Grassroots Music Venues for the benefit of venues, communities and upcoming artists.

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Music Venues Alliance is a free-to-join informal association of Grassroots Music Venues across the UK.

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We, the undersigned, are committed to the concept of the creation of a Pipeline Investment Fund within the UK Music Industry. We agree that such a mechanism is vital to the sustainability of our grassroots touring network, which we consider is essential to the future health of the UK Music industry.

Funds generated by the Pipeline Investment Fund should be used to support activity in the grassroots sector of the music industry to include (but not limited to):

1) Investment into modern, sustainable sound and lighting for Grassroots Music Venues to permanently reduce venue costs and increase profitability.

2) Investment into the physical infrastructure of Grassroots Music Venues, to address issues of access, capacity, health and safety, and artist facilities.

3) Acquisition of the freehold of Grassroots Music Venues so that they can be placed into protected ownership and permanently leased back to local communities.

4) Creation of a training and apprenticeship programme for support roles within Grassroots Music Venues.

5) Support for central legal, licensing and planning advice related to music venues, and for campaigns to ensure that future legislation recognises the economic, cultural and social value of those venues.

The fund would be administered by the established UK registered charity Music Venue Trust. The charity will establish advisory boards from within the UK music industry to guide and oversee its investments in each of the chosen areas. The charity will provide a full, annual, public report on all income and expenditure related to the Pipeline Investment Fund.

We acknowledge that the creation of the Pipeline Investment Fund requires consensus across the live music industry, from arenas, stadiums, concert halls, promoters, agents, managers and artists. In the event this consensus is reached, we are committed to delivering our agreement to this programme.

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Music Venue Trust is a member of the European network for live music venues, clubs & festivals Live DMA. Through this membership, MVT participates in the Live Style Europe project, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme.

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Music Venue Trust and PRS Foundation are delighted to announce a new partnership to encourage more young women and gender minorities to break into promoting live music. Find out more.


Our Growing Silence

Featuring actor Art Malik, this short film highlights the socio-cultural value of community-based grassroots live music venues. Musicians including Grant Nicholas (lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Feeder), Ry X, Wildwood Kin, Darren Johns (Crazy Arm/Warshy) and Haunt the Woods talk passionately about the important role that Grassroots Venues hold for them as musicians.